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      My main objective was finishing writing the entire script, and it's done.

    - I have published four episodes, for demonstration purposes, but the publication will be stopped for a while.
    - I am currently writing the synopsis, or any document that allows the drama to be understood by a production team.
    - I correct various parts of the full script.


      A very long delay will take place after that, if I write a screenplay version, or just to make script corrections.
      After the 4th episode, no episode is ready yet in photo-drama version.



      The realization of the drama-photo is very long.

    - Turning an episode into a photo-drama takes just under two weeks.
    - The English translation takes a little less than 2 hours/episode.



      Ideally, I wanted to not publish anything until everything was finished in its entirety, including the photo-drama.
      Any early publication causes enormous frustration for the viewer, not being able to read the rest for weeks or months. More seriously, it means losing touch with the story, which requires significant continuity in memory.
      However, upon reflection, the best decision to make is probably to leave the reader free to make their own decisions. So to publish this as we go along. Everyone is free to read before the end or to wait.


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