• W two worlds Season 2 four worlds

    W2 four worlds is a scenario (drama script) aiming professional quality. ENGLISH/FRENCH.

    Content is as real than a real drama : 68 episodes of 20 minutes each, 100% written.

    It's unofficial Season 2 of MBC drama W two worlds (더블유), by scriptwriter Song Jae-Jung (송재정).

    As the best TV story ever written in the world, this drama deserves a worthy sequel.

    It is slowly adapted in a PHOTO-DRAMA version, free of charge and without profit.

    This script as been registered to international copyright protection, Berne convention.

    Access to the script and photo drama US/FR :



    WARNING : The loading of the pages can be quite long (weight of 30 mo). Wait until full load.


    W two worlds Season 2 four worlds

  • Oh Sung-Moo's house, in the afternoon.

    - How.... How did I get here?!
    Soo-Bong can no longer move, as if immobilized on a picture.

    - I am... I'm in a photo-drama?!!
    - Yes, Soo-Bong. That's what is this famous photo-drama, whose author is harping on our ears.
    - It's really amazing! It looks so real!
    It makes me feel like I'm watching a drama on TV.
    - More than that, sweetheart, I feel the magic of "W" being reborn...
    - Hyung, don't tell me we're going to suffer this damn curse again?!!!
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