• W two worlds Season 2 four worlds

    W2 four worlds is a scenario (drama script) aiming professional quality.

    Content is as real than a real drama : 68 half-hour episodes, 100% written.

    (As it is difficult to estimate episode duration, it could also be 3 episodes = 1 hour.)

    A screenplay from this script may one day be made.

    It's unofficial Season 2 of the MBC drama W two worlds, by scriptwriter Song Jae-Jung.

    As the best TV story ever written in the world, this drama deserves a worthy sequel.

    It is slowly adapted in a photo-drama version, free of charge and without profit.

    WARNING : The loading of the pages can be quite long (weight of 30 mo). Wait until full load.

    First read an episode before reading its comments, there are certainly spoilers in it!

    Access to the script and photo drama :



    W two worlds Season 2 four worlds