• 01. W two worlds Season 2 four worlds

    W 더블유 두 세계 시즌 2 더블유 네 세계 - 드라마 스크립트
    W2 four worlds
    is a Drama Script (screenplay) + a Photo-Drama (TV illusion). ENGLISH/FRENCH.

    Content is as real than a kdrama : 68 episodes of 20 minutes each, First Draft 100% written.

    It's unofficial Season 2 of MBC drama W two worlds (더블유), by sceenwriter Song Jae-Jung (송재정).

    It is slowly adapted in a PHOTO-DRAMA version, free of charge and without profit.

    This script as been registered to international copyright protection, Berne convention.

    Two years after "W", two more manhwas become alive.
    Kang Chul and his loved ones face unknown phenomena.
    An unexpected threat beyond imagination awakens.

    Access to the script and photo drama US/FR :



    WARNING : The loading of the pages can be quite long (weight of 30 mo). Wait until full load.


    W two worlds Season 2 four worlds

  • Oh Sung-Moo's house, in the afternoon.

    - How.... How did I get here?!
    Soo-Bong can no longer move, as if immobilized on a picture.

    - I am... I'm in a photo-drama?!!
    - Yes, Soo-Bong. That's what is this famous photo-drama, whose author is harping on our ears.
    - It's really amazing! It looks so real!
    It makes me feel like I'm watching a drama on TV.
    - More than that, sweetheart, I feel the magic of "W" being reborn...
    - Hyung, don't tell me we're going to suffer this damn curse again?!!!
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