• Propose the script in South Korea


      The production of the photo-drama has been stopped for a long time. This corresponds to the time I worked to make this project presentable for a real production.

    - Write a short 7-page synopsis, and translate it into English.
    - Write a standard 48-page synopsis, and translate it into English.
    - Correct and translate the first half of the drama into English, 34 episodes.
    - Add LOCATION-TIME indicators at the beginning of many scenes.
    - Adapt my WEB page generator so that it can also export files in TXT format, with a format similar to that of professional screenplays.

      I have given up turning drama script into screenplay for several reasons.

    - Even if the script were accepted, it would certainly be reworked by a Korean scriptwriter.
    - The scenario would probably be more suited to the Korean spirit.
    - Even if the story already looks like a real kdrama, it is impossible for a Western author to perfectly meet the criteria required at this level.
    - The story is more understandable in the current form of drama script, which looks a lot like screenplay, but is not technically speaking a screenplay.
    - The cutting of scenes is not as precise, and many descriptions should be transformed into didiscalies.
    - Turning the story into screenplay would make it uncomfortable to read in photo-drama.
    - It would break the suspense of many scenes, since the purpose of a screenplay is to explain everything, not to preserve mysteries.
    - UPDATE: 2 years later... There is a lot of unforseen in this article. Since then, I changed my mind.



      For three months, I then tried to get contacts in South Korea, in particular to contact scriptwriter Song Jae-Jung.

    - I hired a professional French-Korean translator to write a letter.
    - This translator also helped me to conduct research to establish contact.
    - This search was extended to contact other organizations.
    - Unfortunately, none of this worked, so I find myself stuck in this process.
    - It also blocks me to produce the photo-drama, since proposing the story on the internet would be like spoiling it, in case a real production could be based on it.
    - UPDATE: 2 years later... It doesn't matter, at this point the script wasn't good enough.



      What do we do now? I myself have no answer.

    - I could continue to try to establish contacts, although this has already been pushed very far.
    - I could give up all this, and resume the production of the photo-drama.
    - Rely on unexpected help, perhaps yours.


      Is it a good idea to continue the photo-drama?

    - I could just publish the drama-script with a default image for each character.
    - Producing a photodrama episode is very long, but I am committed to this form of production because it represents the highest quality.
    - Only the photo-drama is likely to produce the real illusion of a drama seen on TV for the reader/viewer.


      Bring together a team of motivated people to help me produce the photo-drama.

    - I've thought about it, but I seriously doubt it will work. Finding people seems difficult to me.
    - Besides, I had very little feedback on the drama-script.
    - Maybe W two worlds has sunk into the past, despite the genius of the work?
    - This would require knowing how to use photo editing software. Produce large images in particular.
    - But it's not a lucrative project.
    - Besides, I don't know if it could be from a legal point of view, and probably not.

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