• What is a Drama-Script


      "W2 four worlds" is not a book or a fan fiction, it's a drama script. This script is structured to be later transformed into a screenplay, usable in the production environment.
      The specificities of a script compared to a novel are as follows...

    - The story is spread over episodes that are all supposed to be of the same length.
    - Each episode is divided into numbered scenes.
    - Only scenes that would be seen on a screen are told.
    - Descriptions are limited to what can be seen at screen, in each scene.
    - There is almost no out-of-context element told by a narrator, such as a historical summary.
    - There is no internal description of the characters' states of mind, or of aside on their past life.
    - The story is always written in the present stance.
    - Descriptions are kept to a minimum in an effort to be concise.
    - The literary style, without being totally absent, is simple and direct.
    - Some screenplay elements are already integrated in the script.


      As a result of all this, the pace of the story is 3 to 6 times faster than in a book.
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